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ZCS attended Seamless Asia Card&Payment Exhibition

Release time:2017-06-18 23:52:28author:ZCS

The 22rd Seamless Asia Card&payment exhibition just had its grand opening in Suntec Convention in Singapore on April 19th-20th, 2017. As the invited exhibitor, Shenzhen ZCS Technology Co., Ltd. brought and showed new technologies and products in the exhibition as scheduled.

The exhibition attracted 152 exhibitors from 40 different countries in the United States, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, with about 6,000 spectators, of which 38% were international corporate decision-makers.

In the exhibition site, ZCS international market team and hundreds of customers from around the world conducted in-depth discussion and point of view of the collision. The payment equipment products have been  concerned about and approved by the majority of exhibitors. In the exhibition site, reached a number of project cooperation. A number of customers  expressed threir idea to establish business realtionship with ZCS, on basis of quality and mutual benefits. And some of them want to be our partners or agent in their market that is our plesure and also good news for both of us.

Our star product, Z90 Smart Android POS is favorated by the majority of exhibitors, and its market prospects are optimistic.

Z90 has 3G and 4G version respectively. ZCS has launched 4G version with fingerprint identification function this year. It brings more and more personalized choice for different international market for and different customers.

In addition to our new product Z70 MPOS with its simple and elegant appearance and cost-effective advantage to win the majority of exhibitors favor. We believe that this all in one device will bring benefits and confidence to customers with multiple markets.

The Singapore smart card and payment exhibition involed in the Asia market is ZCS global market layout in the key link, which is to deepen ZCS and Aisa customers to promote the development of ZCS in the Asia market is of great significance.

Through this face-to-face communication with customers and manufacturers, we have a clearer picture of the products customers  need, more clearly about improve the direction and we can optimize the value-added services.

In the future, we will continue to improve and enhance sales. This exhibition is not only the company's stage results show, but also to becoming the international smart payment brand deepening for ZCS, even for our future efforts laid the cornerstone of the direction.