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Warm congratulations on the success of the website revision

Release time:2017-07-10 11:25:43author:ZCS

In order to meet the needs of the development of the company, establish the image of the company to meet customers through the network to understand the company's products, to provide customers with a better online service, a warm celebration of Shenzhen City in the magnetic computer technology Co., Ltd. website on-line success, Brewing, well designed, and finally the success of the revision!

Web site with a new design concept, convenient and intuitive to serve the majority of users, and sincerely hope that you visit, so that the Shenzhen City in the magnetic computer technology limited company website to become our mutual understanding, enhance friendship, strengthen cooperation bridge and link.

After the new revision, the site to retain the original site on the basis of the main content of the product category and its application of the industry focused on the breakdown. So that users browse the site in the shortest possible time to understand our products, so that customers according to their product characteristics, the first time to find their own needs of the product, to further provide customers with convenience.

The site revision is mainly to improve the company's image, to facilitate product promotion, improve the company's influence as the goal, the site's column settings, functional design, service content and performance forms have made a greater adjustment, according to product classification re-established Column sections, and further integration of the company's information resources to provide customers with more efficient and convenient services.

The operation of the new website marks the company in the network propaganda put forward higher requirements, reached a higher level for the company's long-term development has laid a solid foundation. Since its establishment, has been focusing on technology and quality issues, products continue to be improved and innovative, 承蒙 industry love, the company continued to expand and develop the scale.

In this, we would like to thank the support of friends, in the days ahead we hope to better product quality and faster quality service to our customers return to our support and love.