Company profile

Well - known brands with industrial-grade product manufacturers


Shenzhen ZCS Technology Co.,Ltd. is a global leader in electronic devices and secure electronic payment technologies. We provide Magstripe,Smart card Reader/Writer, Mobile Payment solutions, services and value-added services at the POS. Leading with innovation and engineering excellence,our products are provided through OEMs, VARs, distributors, and directly to major end users. Our products are feature rich and provide practical, economical solutions to our customers needs.

Research & Development

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we focus on a strategy of continuous customer-centric innovation. The goal of our product R&D is to deliver timely solutions for anticipated and actual customer needs by developing innovations in technologies, products, solutions and services.With a strong hardware and software engineering team, ZCS technology is able to quickly and cost-effectively develop any application required globally.Our innovations are central to important cutting-edge technologies, including the mobile payment which allows merchants and mobile workforces to process payments through their mobile phones.

Quality Assurance

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is vital to our success. Our Customer Expectation & Satisfaction Management program is a key element within our QMS. We use a proactive approach to ensure that Customers’ Expectations are understood,

communicated throughout the organization, and met with timely, practical and innovative solutions. Our goal is to continuously improve our Customers’ Satisfaction and Experience with ZCS Technology.

Actively ensure that our Customers’ requirements and needs are identified and incorporated into our solutions.

Ensure that quality is included at all points in our research, development and delivery processes.

Strive to provide a superior product, service and solution to our Customers.

Always keep in mind that the only reason for our existence is to meet our customers' needs.


Corporate Responsibility

Technical innovation as the leading, quality service for customers

Business philosophy

Professional and technical as the core
Brand quality-oriented
Full service as their responsibility

Development Strategy

Research and development and innovation, to create the most secure payment environment

Management system
Implementation of IS09000 international standardization of quality management
Through the communication with customers, in the design and development, production and continuous improvement, to achieve product improvement and update
Technical System
Has a professional R & D team, the company each year not less than 30% of sales of funds invested in research and development, unremitting commitment to new technologies, new product innovation. Through independent research and development, independent accumulation of ways to enhance the core competitiveness of products and intellectual property output.
Production system
Organizational structure + job responsibilities + work processes + work system + work program + management tools "six in one of the production plan
Formulate and implement the fine management model, build the production planning system of the organizational framework and job responsibilities
Detailed production plan planning, production capacity approval, production planning, production schedule, production planning control, on time production management, production planning management tools a total of eight aspects of the work of the content
Provide a full range of production planning and implementation of the fine management program, with a strong practicality and operation.
Team Introduction
We are a young team of ideality, wisdom, responsibility and experience, embodying the financial, IT, information, communications, resources, planning, structuring, testing, management, and other professionals.We are a team having common goal; we build dream with thinking; we light hope with action; We struggle To create a more high-end and rich cultural products!